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    Jiangsu Jiahua advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Jiangsu Jiahua advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in changzhou wujin district, has been formed PVC PVC additives, oil additives, water treatment agent, and other fine chemicals and other products, involving the PVC industry, power industry, oil industry, oil refining industry, rubber industry, metallurgical industry and other fields, has more than 100 customers, throughout the domestic various provinces and cities, products and services been recognized by users.

    Since founded in 1997, always adhere to technological innovation as the fundamental driving force of the development of the enterprise, in innovation and development, has formed a series, scale development pattern.

    Wah is a blend of a number of years engaged in technology research and development of domestic experts, engineers and technical personnel, with strong design, development, enlarge production ability. At the same time with many universities and set up production base, further enhance the enterprise design, development, amplification of industrialization, make the enterprise get the leap development.

    In product design, will be guided by the concept of environmental protection, quality, comprehensive consideration of future environmental requirements, actively advocate green, environmental protection low carbon economy.

    Wah is willing to sincere cooperation and win-win co-prosperity, can make a contribution to the development of civilized society.

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